Friday, April 13, 2012

Cute craft ideas and yummy food.

Hey ladies! This looks like a really clever and easy idea for some hanging planters made from sections of rain gutters. I can't wait to try making one for my house.

Mmmm... beef!

Frozen fruit popsicles. Nice healthy snack for the kids.

Tiny cactus clippings in cork.

Here's another fun way for moms to get your kids to eat their fruit.

WOW... I LOVE this RED refrigerator!

Vintage retro reproduction green stove. I like the green glass backsplash in the back.

Food, furniture and organization ideas.

I LOVE this idea for using plastic bag tabs for organizing and labeling wires. This would work well on the back of a computer or television where all the wires come in and need to be labeled.

I think this is supposed to be a little bench, but I think it would be a really cute idea for a doggie bed.

Well I guess if I were this skinny, I would wear this too.

I don't know where this picture was taken but it's so funky and colorful. I love the piano keys painted on the stairs. Looks like the woman is dancing on a piano.

Coffee cups turned upside down and mounted on the underside of a kitchen shelf for some funky lighting design.

Cute little marshmallow cut into the shapes of hearts in a cup of hot chocolate. Yummy.

More cute home decorating pictures, crafts for the kids and of course.... FOOD

Cheesy pepperoni pizza dip.

Blueberry custard pie.

Mmmm this sugary glazed muffin looks good.

What woman wouldn't want an indoor pool?

Sexy pink champagne glass.

Cute craft idea. Dancing figures painted on wooden clothes pins. Fun project for mom and kids.

More of that pretty aqua color that I love. A simple study desk made from part of a table cut and fitted into a small basic book shelf. Notice how the table goes all the way through to the other side. Clever!

Home organization, fattening food, and decorating.

Mmmmm... cheesy garlic bread.

Good idea for a way to organize your cleaning supplies using a door hanging shoe organizer.

Tulip wreath. Pretty decorating idea for the holidays.

Yea! Glitter eggs! Coat with glue and then roll in a bowl of glitter. This would be fun for an Easter Egg craft project for the family.

What a sweet little gift to give someone! Imagine all the beautiful papers this butterfly could be made from.

I love this aqua color with white. I'm going to work on my laundry area with this color scheme.

I love the Breakfast at Tiffany's theme. I wonder if I can match that color blue.

Wow... the perfect purple dreamhouse.

I really liked this idea example of a jewelry cabinet built into a standing mirror.

A tiered herb or flower box planter built from two pieces of stairway risers. Easy!

If I could walk on heels without breaking a ankle, I'd have to have these.
I may not run fast, but I love these shoes.

Mmmmm. strawberries, pinapple, and orange slices in a cream cheese dip.

Wow... this eternity ring is beautiful.

Here is a really cute idea for a curtain tie-back made from a vintage glass door knob.

For sisters everywhere.
Ok...I love this color and I've GOT to have that bag.

What a cute and easy way to add some pretty lighting. Just some paper cups with pretty fabric glued around them, and attached to a string of lights.

My kids would love these Lego cakes. Can't wait to try them.

If you read anything else on here, please read and remember this every time you start thinking you aren't good enough.
A dog's life.

Wish I could do my makeup like this.

This says it all. I especially liked "Flip to my Flop"

This beautiful pink table is just a basic old thrift store find, that's been sanded and painted to look new!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pretty Things found on Pinterest

What a cute way to get your kids to like vegetables!

Wow... if you like pink lace, this table is for you.

I love pink and black. Never though of painting the insides of the drawers!

Amen to this....

Refreshing strawberry drink.

Well if you love sparkles, you would love this toilet that's covered in bling.

Mmm... strawberry smoothies. Just add vodka.
Strawberry and pound cake appetizers with chocolate drizzle.